Leg lengthening with high implant and treatment comfort.

The FITBONE® is an intramedullary lengthening system for limb lengthening of the femur and tibia. This product is used to correct differences in leg length measurements. With appropriate preoperative planning, it is possible to make axial and torsional corrections as part of limb lengthening. In many cases, our intramedullary lengthening nail can replace conventional methods, such as an external fixator. As an innovative treatment method, the FITBONE® system has many advantages.

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Surgeons explain the benefits of FITBONE®

Around the world, WITTENSTEIN intens works exclusively with selected Centers of Excellence. Here, patients receive treatment with FITBONE® from experienced, trained surgeons. Learn the benefits of FITBONE® over other treatment methods directly from international specialists.

The FITBONE® for surgeons