Intramedullary lengthening nail FITBONE® SAA

  • The FITBONE® SAA is inserted antegrade into the femur. Unlike with the FITBONE® TAA, the intramedullary lengthening nail does not extend here, but instead pulls the proximal segment over the intramedullary nail upwards.

The highly reliable system for controlled limb lengthening

FITBONE® SAA is an intramedullary lengthening nail intended for limb lengthening of the femur and tibia. The intramedullary lengthening nail is used for correcting leg length discrepancies and other serious deformities of the femur and tibia. FITBONE® SAA is surgically implanted into the bone. There is no contact between the implanted intramedullary lengthening nail and the outer surface of the patient's body. The energy required for the distraction process is transferred to the receiver implanted beneath the skin by applying an external Control Set.


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  • Benefits of the method
  • Improved comfort (e.g., pin care) during treatment
  • Short in-patient stay
  • Rapid reintegration into everyday life
  • Restricted use of the device to highly specialized surgeons with years of experience
  • Reduced scar formation Reduced risk of infection